Granada can handle specific customer contact functions for clients or manage the entire customer lifecycle from acquisition to support to retention. As contact center experts, we also assist clients with customer contact services such as technical support and collections.

Granada also assists partners in solving their French, Portuguese and other multilingual needs. By putting in place a Granada multilingual solution, our partners can offer all of their customers the same service levels and customer experience.  No more cumbersome interpretation services or having to live with higher erratic service levels for a particular emerging market.

We take a true “blank canvas” approach in working with clients on the partnership design. A key success factor in our partnerships is how extensively our clients collaborate with our solution architects at the front end.

The most cutting edge customer experience applications are naturally best deployed in small environments.   Not every client wants a 100 FTE sandbox to test or adopt new channels and customer contact types.  Granada’s passion is helping clients meet their strategic objectives regardless of deal size.