Granada helps companies communicate more effectively with their Hispanic customers.

Extending in-culture strategies from marketing to the contact center is the roadmap for companies wanting to lead their industries in Hispanic customer experience.

We help clients acculturate their bilingual support operations. This leads to Sales, Customer Experience and Lifetime Value rate increases of over 20%!

Give us a call at 805-960-5000 to discuss how we can help you strengthen your Hispanic support capabilities.

Our success is 100% based on the quality of our people.  Corporate strategy and competitive advantages are important; however we can only achieve results when we have the best people possible working for our clients. Click here to visit our Recruitment Portal.

Why go to LatAm for bilingual contact centers when the best workforce exists right here in the U.S.? We started the Bilingual/ Nearshore trend 12 years ago, so we know the market. Granada is reintroducing bilingual scalability to the market through a highly acculturated “work from home” labor force right here in the U.S. Learn more

Granada Corp’s management team has experience managing the Hispanic customer support operations for some of the world’s most respected companies. In this video, Kit Cooper and Carlos Zapatero discuss how Granada is doing things differently!  Click here.